Clintonville Academy
Serving grades Pre-K through 8th Grade
3916 Indianola Ave, Columbus, OH 43214
Sep 27

CA to Celebrate Grandperson’s Day on Oct. 17

Grandperson’s Day Invitation Every year, we celebrate Grandperson’s Day by hosting these important people in our lives for an afternoon of fun at Clintonville Academy. We plan activities, have snacks, and share stories and our work at school. Every family is invited to send in the names of the grandpeople in their lives (whether related read more »

Sep 1

Support the Future of CA at the Walk-a-Thon!

“Walk To The Future” is the title of our walk-a-thon to be held on September 26. We will spend the day at the Park of Roses, walking laps in the morning, eating lunch in the shelter house, and rotating through six activity centers. Two years ago, we raised $17,000.00 when we sponsored this wonderful event and read more »