Clintonville Academy
Serving grades Pre-K through 8th Grade
3916 Indianola Ave, Columbus, OH 43214

Academic Enrichment

talent-showClintonville Academy students receive generous exposure to various related arts and experiences. They participate in art, music, library, physical education and computer classes. Students also take either Spanish or French, beginning in pre-kindergarten and continuing through the eighth grade.


Children attend computer class weekly, beginning in Pre-K. Young children increase their computer literacy by learning the components of the computer and working with software programs that reinforce the school’s curriculum. Older children progress through more advanced topics, which include research skills, high-level thinking skills, and curricular reinforcement.

Foreign Language and Travel

Exposure to Spanish or French begins in pre-K and continues through the eighth grade. These programs are highlighted by class trips to France, Mexico or Spain for seventh and eighth graders. Many of our students qualify for advanced placement in second-year language courses when they enter high school.

Visual Arts

Weekly classes in drawing, painting, charcoal sketching , three-dimensional and plastic media and art appreciation are offered.


With vocal music, students learn and study many different musical concepts. The level of difficulty varies by grade level. During class, students explore many kinds of music, engage in varied musical behaviors, develop musical concepts and make musical judgments. Vocal music is part of the regular Clintonville Academy curriculum. Two concerts are performed each year and all students participate in both concerts.

For instrumental music, third grade students may choose to play the recorder. Rehearsals are held once or twice a week during school. Fourth graders may participate in Beginning Band and fifth through eighth graders may participate in Advanced Band. Some adjustments as to band placement may be made at the discretion of the band director depending on the experience of the student. Instrumental band is optional for students to participate in and rehearsals are held once a week after school. The band director offers an opportunity for students to be fitted for instruments at the beginning of the year. Parents may purchase or rent instruments from the store of their choice. Typically two concerts are performed each year.