Clintonville Academy
Serving grades Pre-K through 8th Grade
3916 Indianola Ave, Columbus, OH 43214


classroom-boysAcademics at Clintonville Academy is approached comprehensively through classroom instruction, experiential learning, and off-site opportunities for growth and intellectual advancement.

Here’s an overview of our Academic program offerings:

Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum:

Our full-day Pre-Kindergarten program is a child-centered curriculum emphasizing the academy’s time-tested approach to education. Using play, structured activities, and individual guidance, each child develops self-esteem as well as social, cognitive, and physical skills in a safe, nurturing environment. Pre-Kindergarten students focus on a number of areas including language and early literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, fine arts, music, dramatic play, foreign language (Spanish or French), health and safety, personal and social development, physical development, and technology.

Kindergarten through Second Grade Curriculum:
Most students in this age group are in the emergent literacy stage of learning. They approximate language (text, written and spoken) based on experience as they learn to construct meaning. It is an exciting time for young learners and we support their growth and development in multiple ways.

Over the past few years, the staff has implemented the most meaningful current materials, kits and learning tools in order to provide challenging study in science, social studies, reading, language, math, computer and art.

Third through Fifth Grade Curriculum:
Most students in these grades have language processes in place and are able to use them to learn about the world and to learn more about learning. Students will spend more time using language independently, although teacher support and direction is readily available. Teachers continue to demonstrate and model effective language usage and include more questions, suggestions, and opportunities for students to pursue areas of personal interest. Texts become increasingly longer and more complex. Writing tasks become more transactional as students move into writing that informs and affects broader audiences. Editing and formal speech are used to further strengthen the conventions of written and spoken English. As students move through this grade cluster, their ability to use language is expanded. They are capable of experiencing, remembering and using the texts they have encountered in various media. Independent and small group work is emphasized.

Sixth through Eighth Grade Curriculum:
Clintonville Academy students enter the middle grades with an internalized system of language processing strategies used to cope with hanging social interactions. As students progress through these years, they broaden their understanding and application of language processes and communication strategies.

Reading and interaction to literature is emphasized. Student at this stage experience a diverse sampling of texts. Students begin to develop individual criteria for reading and responding to a wide variety of literature. Different genres and text structures are presented. Students begin to refine their comprehension and interpretation techniques as they use them in increasingly complex situations. Students are presented with many opportunities for critical thinking. This curriculum has helped our eighth graders to consistently score at the tenth-grade level or above on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills.

Middle school students use writing to develop and express ideas for various audiences including self, teachers, parents, peers, and public audiences. As students write for various purposes, they begin to realize that writing is not only an essential skill for conveying information and ideas but also a valuable learning tool. Students at this developmental stage experiment with many different structures that prepare them for the more complex project that will be assigned to them in high school.