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Dec 21

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from the CA Family! CA will be on our holiday break from Friday, Dec. 18 through Monday, Jan. 4, 2016. We hope you enjoy this time with your families and gets lots of rest and relaxation! Many grades do have some homework, so please check with your children in case they need to work on anything over the break.

The Cougar Cougar has some great tips for setting goals in January. Here’s a recap of the advice:

January is a good time for you and your child to review progress and set goals for the rest of the school year. Please work with your child or children to make some learning resolutions. Even better, help them learn how to achieve their goals!

When your child thinks about goals, help choose one he/she can reach fairly soon. It should also be specific. For instance, “Be smart in social studies” is too broad. “Learn Civil War facts,” on the other hand, can be observed and measured.

Then have your child follow these steps:
1. State the goal.
2. Plan how to meet the goal.
3. Talk about the goal with others.
4. Follow each step in the plan
5. Motivate and celebrate!

From Helping Children Learn