Clintonville Academy
Serving grades Pre-K through 8th Grade
3916 Indianola Ave, Columbus, OH 43214

Parent’s Association

parent-studentThe Parent Association at Clintonville Academy plays an active role in maintaining the service credit program, coordinating fundraisers and sponsoring sports programs and family social events. Through these activities, the Parent Association provides an opportunity for all parents to be actively involved in the educational experience of their children.

This year’s Parent Association President is Meredith Kitts.

Service Credit Program

Parents can receive a discount on tuition by participating in the service credit program. This program allows parents to choose from a variety of job assignments that are necessary in the daily and ongoing operation of the school. There are a wide range of job assignments available so parents can participate in those that match their abilities, interests and skills. In addition to benefiting the school, this program also enables parents to keep involved and connected with Clintonville Academy.

2017-18 Service Contract Form



Although fundraising is necessary to help provide funds for some school functions, the Parent Association attempts to keep the number of fundraisers to a minimum. There are usually three main fundraisers per year and a few smaller scale fundraisers held by one or more grades during the year when funds are needed for a specific activity. Additionally, families can participate by sending in BoxTops for Education, Labels for Education, Tyson A+ Labels and Kellogg’s Family Rewards. We also hold family dinners at local restaraunts and a few special events bringing parents together.


Sports Program

The Parent Association supports Clintonville Academy’s student athletic programs. Both soccer and basketball programs are offered to students who wish to participate. Children in grades K—8 can participate in the soccer program and middle school students, grades 6—8, can participate in the basketball program.
Family Social Events

Clintonville Academy’s unique family atmosphere is enhanced by the variety of social events that the Parent Association sponsors for students and their families.