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Aug 20

Start the School Year on the Right Track

CA students will return to school on Thursday, August 27, and we’re excited about having a great year! Here’s a few tips that we found on the website to help make your school day routine a smooth one! From day one, start a routine that is conducive to going early to bed and early to rise, and is manageable for your family.

Consider the following to get off on the right track:
•    Packing backpacks and lunches the night before a school day.
•    Setting uniform(s) out in the evening for the next day.
•    Having children get dressed for the day before they eat breakfast so that they’re ready to roll as soon as they eat.
•    Doing homework together, as a family, at the same time each day.
•    Starting homework right after school or right after dinner so there’s enough time to complete it.
•    Looking at the next day’s schedule while everyone’s together at dinner or bedtime.
•    Creating a “head to bed” time that will be reinforced every night by every family member. This will initiate the bedtime routine and move everyone to shower, get pj’s on, read, and hit the sack.

We can’t wait to see everyone on Aug. 27!