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Jun 27

Summer Tips and News from Mrs. Lindsay

I hope that your summer days have been good ones, despite a few rainy days!

For those rainy days when your children might feel bored, and you don’t want technology to rule the days, encourage journal writing. Set a timer for 15 minutes, and help them get started with free writing using a journal, a pen, and any idea he/she might imagine. This is a great way to practice creating good sentences and paragraphs. Parents, if you read the journals, be encouraging so that they will try again and keep writing!

Puzzles, board games, drawing, jumping rope, jogging around the block, building forts, legos…these are all great activities for boring moments! Have them make a chart of all the different things they come up with during the course of a week–all activities that don’t have anything to do with screen time.

And, for all our students who are working hard on their summer iXL math programs, keep up the good work! Some of the students are racking up hundreds of minutes so far…very impressive!

Mark your calendars! We will begin our summer cleaning after our Summer Program is completed on August 7. We will be asking parents to help beginning August 9.

I hope you all continue to have a safe and fun summer!

Mrs. Lindsay
CA School Director