Clintonville Academy
Serving grades Pre-K through 8th Grade
3916 Indianola Ave, Columbus, OH 43214
May 25

Summer Volunteers Needed

We have more than a few things we would like to accomplish this summer and enlisting the help of parent volunteers would be much appreciated! The largest project involves replacing carpet with tile in a few of the classrooms. We plan to begin the project on June 7 and it will likely go through most of the summer as we move from room to room. Help is needed to move desks and furniture throughout the process. Details will be sent to our CA families during summertime, so if you can help please let us know!

Another school improvement task involves replacing the light bulbs in the main hallway where our atrium is. In order to complete the job, we will need to rent a scissor lift – unless of course someone has access to one! Along with changing the bulbs we will do some cleaning and make any repairs needed.

Other capital improvement summer tasks that are on the list include painting the modular unit and painting the playground equipment. If anyone has interest, time and/or the ability to take on one of these tasks, please let us know…and thank you!