Clintonville Academy
Serving grades Pre-K through 8th Grade
3916 Indianola Ave, Columbus, OH 43214
Dec 31

Jessica L. Pollock, Ph.D. (Class of 1982)

I remember being in 4th grade at a public school. I was unmotivated and unchallenged; the environment was not stimulating. At Clintonville Academy I was almost instantly transformed into an eager student, striving for excellence.

Dec 31

Amanda Miller (Class of 1996)

Academics are number one and the students are held to high expectations for both school-work and discipline. A great place to learn and grow!

Dec 31

Bob and Laurie Hegedus (Former Family)

As parents of children that are in their ninth and seventh years at Clintonville Academy, we are incredibly pleased with the education that they have received. The school has surpassed all of our lofty expectations. More than just a wonderful academic education, they have also received instruction in social responsibility, respect for others, leadership, and read more »

Dec 31

Jillian Hewitt (Class of 2003)

I am forever grateful that my parents chose to send me to Clintonville Academy for the entirety of my elementary and middle school education. I can’t begin to name all the things that made it special, but I know its uniqueness is built on small class size, passionate teachers and a willingness to stray from read more »

Dec 31

Emily Kirby, M.S. (Class of 1993)

Clintonville Academy is a family—I felt nurtured and valued as a child when I was there. I believe that the educational and social experiences from my years at Clintonville Academy helped me to feel confident and motivated to achieve in all areas of my life.

Dec 31

Adriane Benedict (Class of 2004)

Much of my academic preparation for high school came from Clintonville Academy. I am in advanced French, and on my first semester report card, I had a 4.0 GPA. Clintonville Academy challenged me so I could be ready for high school.

Dec 31

Kelly Tetirick (Class of 1998)

Clintonville Academy had a nurturing environment that always encouraged me to do my best. Having Clintonville Academy as a small, supportive family helped me develop stronger self confidence.

Dec 31

Barbara Burnside (Former Family)

[When we relocated], our girls attended one of the best rated schools in Connecticut and did so well because they got such a wonderful foundation at Clintonville Academy.