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Clintonville Academy

We’re an independent and intentionally small pre-K through 8th grade private school located in the heart of Clintonville, OH

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 We teach your kids the way we would teach our own kids: provide a challenging curriculum, instill character and citizenship, and give unmatched student attention.


Founded in 1978, an engaged group of parents and teachers built – and have sustained – a high-performing school around a community mindset and whole child development while upholding a strong pedagogy and hands-on approach to primary school learning.

Location: 3916 Indianola Ave Columbus OH 43214

Telephone: (614) 267-4199

Email: info@clintonvilleacademy.org

School Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-3pm


We view being a small school as an educational advantage. It gives us freedom and flexibility to employ tailored strategies that work best for our students without sacrificing the high standards for academic achievement that we expect.

We believe a school should concern itself with the educational growth and development of the whole child – intellect, character, citizenship, cultural appreciation, creativity, social interaction, personal ethics, and emotional and physical well-being.

Stop by one of our Welcome Wednesday events in March 2020, between 9am-10:30am to learn more about our school. If you’d like to schedule your tour, use the button below. But – no appointment necessary! Tour our facilities, visit classrooms, ask questions. See our whole child philosophy in action, and see why Clintonville Academy is a Small School, Smart Choice!

From Our Director

“It’s been my pleasure to serve as Director of Clintonville Academy since 1988. In that time, I’ve seen so many students thrive in our nurturing environment, and grow into their potential as learners and future difference-makers. We’re a tight-knit community who believes wholeheartedly in the priority of investing in your children, and helping grow them as citizens of the world who will make a profound impact where they work and live.”

Sally Lindsay

From Our Parents

“We chose Clintonville Academy six years ago, because of their whole-child philosophy and affordability. We’ve stayed for the diverse student body and the inclusive environment.”

Amy Hoskinson | Elaine Hauser

We prioritize disciplined learning while also providing for individual freedom and creativity – and believe that a child learns best when she is aware that teachers and parents are concerned about and interested her as an individual.

Pre-K & Kindergarten

Our Pre-K and Kindergarten programs provide full-day instruction, five days per week, and approach learning in fun, creative ways that involve field trips, fine arts, physical education – even introduction to a foreign language (French or Spanish). We offer before & after school care, and are proud of the srong family and community involvement with these young students.

We believe small class size is extremely significant in the elementary and middle school years; that the educational process of the child should be governed by logic and reason; and that value should be placed upon subjective considerations such as his emotions, imagination, creativity, and desires.

Enrollment for the 2020-2021 season is underway.
Schedule your tour – we’d love to meet you!