What is the value of a Clintonville Academy education?

At Clintonville Academy, we believe that small classroom sizes, close relationships with our faculty and staff along with parental involvement all play a major role in each child’s success. One of the hallmarks of Clintonville Academy is our commitment to educating the whole child, both in and out of the classroom. Research suggests that independent private schools:

  • Are close-knit communities of lifelong learners
  • Provide individualized attention for students and smaller classes
  • Are staffed with high-quality and committed teachers
  • Offer hands-on learning opportunities
  • Emphasize the importance of the arts, languages and humanities
  • Provide educational experiences extending beyond the classroom
  • Are full of actively engaged parents
  • Are supportive learning environments

Clintonville Academy is Within Reach

We understand that choosing a private education for your child is an important financial decision and an investment. Clintonville Academy remains one of Columbus’s most affordable private education options. In addition we offer:

  • Multi-child tuition breaks for families
  • Financial credit for service by parents to reduce the cost of tuition
  • Affordable year-round before- and after-school care options

Fee Schedule for 2020-21

Full TuitionDiscounted Tuition*Registration Fee
First Child:$9,400.00$8,400.00*$200.00
Second Child:$7,320.00n/a$150.00
Third Child:$5,740.00n/a$100.00
Pre-K (3-day):$5,295.00n/a$200.00

*Reflects $1,000 credit for voluntary Service Credit Program participation.

The registration fee is due with your enrollment contract every April (dates vary) and is non-refundable. New students must also pay one month’s tuition deposit at the time of enrollment, which also is non-refundable.

Payment Options

Clintonville Academy requires that all families either:

  • Pay tuition in full (A $150 discount if paid by July 1, 2020)
  • Enroll in a 10 or 11-month payment plan. (Tuition payments begin July 1)

Family enrollment contracts will include payment options.